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January 19, 20, 21, 2023


We are so excited to see you at our Winter crop!

So pack up those cute p.j.'s to get ready for our PAJAMA PARTY theme!

Please read the following information for details concerning our CROP CONNECTION event:

The EVENT LOCATION is different from our mailing address.  We look forward to seeing you on

July 7th at:


The Wahabi Shriners Headquarters

4123 I-55 South (Frontage Road)

Jackson, MS 39212


CC Pic for Wix for July 2022.jpg


added 7-6-22



As you prepare to pack up your scrapbooking supplies, remember your Silent Auction item(s).  The prettier and more unique your item is wrapped, the more it creates curiosity and higher bids!  All proceeds from the "What's in the Box?" Silent Auction benefit the Shriner's Transportation Fund.


For more detailed information

click on the "What's in the Box?" graphic.

Auction Pic (final 1).png
RMD Wish List Pic_edited.png



Ronald McDonald House is another charity organization near and dear to our hearts.  For every dollar you spend purchasing items from their Wish List, you will receive a ticket for a special drawing.  Example: $10 spent or donated = 10 tickets


For more detailed information

click on the Ronald McDonald Wish List graphic.



When you arrive, there will be a Signature Charities Punch Card at your table space.  If you get 4 punches before noon on Saturday, you are eligible to be in a drawing for a FREE CROP CONNECTION WEEKEND (basic pkg. $199 value)


Here's how you can help two charities

and have a chance to win a scrapbooking weekend for yourself:


The Shriner's Transportation Fund:

  • Donate a $10 auction item

  • Bid in the silent auction

Ronald McDonald House:

  • Donate a wish list item or $8

  • Buy a "Hues of the Heart" card for $2

CC Punch Card July 2022.jpg



At Crop Connection, we have the BEST MASSAGE THERAPISTS EVER! Alisha Smith and Angela Quinn have the talent and skill to work out the kinks in your neck, shoulders and back from all the wonderful hours you spend bent over your table scrapbooking.  Schedule a 15 minute appointment with either of them and your creative juices will flow!  Price - $1.00 a minute. (15 minute minimum)


  • All appointments will be made prior to the

        event using Sign-Up Genius.

  • Bookings will not be allowed at the

        massage table.

  • Each cropper will be allowed  to book TWO

        15-minute appointments for the weekend.

  • Once the event begins, based on availability you may book another spot.

Scheduling opens on

Tuesday, July 5th at 12 noon.



The temperatures for C.C. are predicted to be in the 90's.  HOT!!! It is IMPOSSIBLE to set the air at a temperature that makes 150 ladies happy!  Please bring a small fan, extension cord and painter's tape to secure the cord down. (NO DUCT TAPE ALLOWED)

If you are in the phase of life, where you think you are going to freeze because the A/C is on, please bring a jacket or lap blanket with you.  We try to go above and beyond so you can experience a fantastic weekend, but this is completely out of the scope of our talents!

P.S. The forecast also shows rain, so bring a raincoat and umbrella.



Due to a global pandemic, rising food, product and shipping costs, some of our event pricing has changed.  We do our best to keep things affordable while still providing a quality scrapbooking weekend.  Thank you for your understanding.

Souvenir Cups with Free Refills all weekend - $14 each

All Drinks - $2 each



We are going to have 150 croppers at C.C.  Please keep your belongings under your 6 foot table space and out of the aisle ways.  If we can't walk down the

aisle freely, it becomes a safety issue.  Not to mention, it makes it difficult for the Crop Connection Crew to get you all your prizes and goodies!

Meals Pic.jpg


Meals Pic.jpg



Seats are assigned.  When you arrive, look for your table number posted on each end of the table setups.  Look for your name tag for your assigned seat. Please DO NOT move or trade places with another cropper's name tag/space. Requests have been made due to medical issues, mobility or groups of friends. Thank you!

If your name is highlighted in yellow, your check-in time is

1:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 7th.

If your name is NOT highlighted, your check-in time is at 3:00 p.m.


Due to the addition of a new table setup, most of the table numbers have changed.  Please check the NEW PDF for your table number.  If your table number is different, rest assured, you are still seated with your friends!  We apologize for the last minute change.

Click on each graphic below for more specified information.

Quick Tips Pic_edited.jpg
Policies Pic_edited.jpg
Raffle Pic_edited.png
Contest Pic 1_edited_edited.jpg
Shop Pic.png
Hotel Info Pic_edited_edited.jpg
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