Package #1 - With 4 Meals - $225.00
(After May 12th registration for Pkg. #1 increases to $255.00)

Package #2 - With NO Meals - $175.00
(After May 12th registration for Pkg. #2 increases to $205.00)

You may choose to pay in full or pay in five installments.

Payment Plan

1st Payment due with registration form postmarked by
      February 12th - $45.00 for Pkg. 1/ $35.00 for Pkg. 2

2nd Payment due - postmarked by March 12th
        $45.00 for Package 1/ $35.00 for Package 2

3rd Payment due - postmarked by April 12th
       $45.00 for Package 1/ $35.00 for Package 2

4th Payment due - postmarked by May 12th
       $45.00 for Package 1/ $35.00 for Package 2

5th Payment due - postmarked by June 12th*
       $45.00 for Package 1/ $35.00 for Package 2

*If you choose the payment plan, all payments postmarked after June 12th include a price increase of $30.00.

To receive discounted registration, all payments must
be paid by May 12th or may result in a forfeited registration.

After May 12th registration pricing increases (see the description above for Package 1 and Package 2).  

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Cancellation Policy/Refunds  **new info added as of January 2015**

Our goal is to offer a great cropping event at the lowest possible rates.
To do this, we must book our crop to capacity and we count on our registered attendees to be there. We do understand that circumstances arise that prevent you from attending and we work to accommodate each request. *However, we will no longer be able to transfer registrations from one event to another. You may request a refund in writing,
minus a $30.00 cancellation fee, up to 60 days before the event.
After 60 days, no refunds will be issued, no exceptions, including,
but not limited to weather or natural disasters. There will be no refunds
for no-shows. Policies and prices are subject to change. There is NO EXCEPTION to the cancellation policy. Registrations are non-transferable.