Cancellation Policy/Refunds  **new info added as of January 2015**
Our goal is to offer a great cropping event at the lowest possible rates. To do this, we must book our crop to capacity and we count on our registered attendees to be there. We do understand that circumstances arise that prevent you from attending and we work to accommodate each request.
*However, we will no longer be able to transfer registrations from one event to another. You may request a refund in writing, minus a $30.00 cancellation fee, up to 60 days before the event. After 60 days, no refunds will be issued, no exceptions, including, but not limited to weather or natural disasters. There will be no refunds for no-shows. Policies and prices are subject to change. There is NO EXCEPTION to the cancellation policy. Registrations are non-transferable.

We love children and they are the primary reason most of us scrapbook. Crop Connection was created to give you an opportunity to escape from the demands of everyday life. In order for us to provide an atmosphere where your creativity thrives, children under 10 will not be permitted at Crop Connection. Children 10 and older must be registered for the crop. You may not bring your child to crop with you and share your table.

Non-Smoking Facility
The facility in Jackson is a smoke free facility.  Smoking is not permitted inside or within 50 feet of the building entrances. We must comply.

Alcoholic Beverages
Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages allowed at Crop Connection, neither inside nor on the premises.  If you are observed consuming alcohol or have it in your possession,
you will be asked to leave the premises.

The air/heat at the facility is set at a certain temperature and locked - we can not adjust the temperature on-site.  Bring a jacket or lap blanket for your personal comfort.

Crop Connection is intended to be a quiet, quaint scrapbooking weekend. If you would like to listen to music, please bring your personal player with headphones. We appreciate each person's consideration for the next person.

Spray Adhesives
Do not use spray adhesive inside the crop room. You may use the parking lot (away from vehicles) to spray adhesive.

Cricut Machines
Due to the limited number of outlets, we provide a few designated areas for your Cricut, sewing machines and/or printers.  If you choose to use these areas, please label your machine with your name and table number.  HEAT PRESSES ARE NOT ALLOWED DUE TO THE LARGE AMOUNT OF ELECTRICITY THEY REQUIRE.

If you are a digital scrapbooker, we will do our best to accommodate you.  Please bring a power strip, extension
cord and blue painter's tape ONLY.  NO DUCT TAPE ALLOWED.
If you use duct tape you will be charged a cleaning fee.

Door Prizes/Giveaways/Raffle
You must be present to win the items for our raffle.
Door prizes and giveaways will not be mailed or given
to friends for delivery.

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